About covid 19 Coronavirus disease

Because of the current situation in our countries Dar Zeytuna is following up their participants by doing social media meetings (video communication via WhatsApp)to raise awareness about corona virus and we share some documents and photos in a simple way to make sure that the participants have been understanding the concepts and conditions of the recent situation, and it includes: 

1- Definition about the virus

2- How can we avoid it 

3- How we protect or selves and our families by following the social distance rules to aviod being infected with corona virus 

4- What are the symptoms that an infected person have

5- The importance of hand washing 

6- The way we sho follow to wash our hands 

7- What are the difference between social distance, isolation and Quarantine

And finally we provide our participants by the numbers that they should call if any one get infected with the virus 


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